Our History

The Adam Thoroughgood Chapter, NSDAR

Organized by Jeanette McLeod Browne and twelve other women, the Adam Thoroughgood Chapter, NSDAR, held its first meeting on May 5, 1956. Originally calling Churchland, Virginia, its home of origin, it later expanded to include members from Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and other surrounding areas in Virginia.

The Adam Thoroughgood Chapter, NSDAR, was named for one of Virginia Beach’s first settlers, Adam Thoroughgood. Thoroughgood arrived in the New World in the 1620s as an indentured servant. After serving his indenture, he was granted more than 5,000 acres of land from the king. On this land was built one of the most important structures in the colonies. Thought to be one of the oldest brick houses in America, it still stands next to the Lynnhaven River, named for Thoroughgood’s ancestral home in King’s Lynn, England.