Virginia Patriots

Below are the Virginia Patriots our chapter members have proven by direct lineage.

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Patriot NameState of ServiceType of ServiceSpouse Name
Avery, William HaleyVAMajorSymonds, Betty
Boas, ShadrachVAPatriotic ServiceRutherford, Isabel
Brown, BazellelVACaptainThompson, Mary
Brown, BrightberyVAPatriotic ServiceThompson, Susan
Burgess, EdwardVAPrivateFrancis, Ann Nancy
Butler, WilliamVAPrivate, Patriotic ServiceUnknown, Mary
Cavanaugh, CharlesVAPatriotic ServiceColeman, Ann
Collier, CorneliusVAPatriotic ServiceWyatt, Elizabeth
Conrad, JosephVAPatriotic ServiceBogart, Hannah
Cook, JohnVAPrivatePemberton, Nellie
Drury, JohnVACaptainSlaughter, Sarah
Field, Sr., JohnVAColonelUnknown, Anna
Garland, ChristopherVAEnsignBurton, Sarah
Goodwin, PetersonVACaptain, Patriotic ServicePeterson, Elizabeth
Gordon, JohnVAPatriotic ServiceUnknown, Unknown
Harrison, JohnVAPrivateMiller, Nancy
Henderson, EdwardVAPrivateUnknown, Unknown
Hope, GeorgeVASolider, Patriotic ServiceBallard, Rebecca Meredith
Joplin, ThomasVAPatriotic ServiceFreeman, Hannah
Lewis, AndrewVABrigadier General, Patriotic ServiceGivens, Elizabeth
Powell, EdmundVALieutenant, Civil Service, Patriotic ServiceJoplin, Lucy
Powers, DanielVAPrivateWaller, Elizabeth Lamberth
Preston, JoelVAPrivateHoward, Esther
Roundtree, RandallVACivil Service, Patriotic ServiceUnknown, Unknown
Rowe, JohnVAPrivateUnknown, Sarah
Sands, WilliamVAPrivateBennett, Susanah
Skinner, NathanielVAPatriotic ServiceFrame, Martha
Stump, MichaelVALieutenant ColonelHughes, Sarah
Tucker, JesseVAPrivateLayne, Nancy
Welch, IsaccVAPrivateAyres, Nancy
White, AndresVAPrivateUnknown, Elizabeth
Wiliamson, CharlesVALieutenant, Civil Service, Patriotic ServiceUnknown, Lovey
Woody, BenjaminVAPrivateKirby, Martha