Important Dates in American History

The following information provides some events and dates of those events which were important in the formation of our nation, provided special challenges such as war, and includes our efforts to form a more perfect union.
21945, Japanese surrendered – end of World War II
31783, Treaty of Paris signed – end of the Revolutionary War
51781, Battle of the Capes (Battle of Chesapeake)
1774, First Continental Congress convened
81892, Pledge of Allegiance penned by Francis Juilius Bellamy
112001, Patriot’s Day – Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks, Moment of Silence at 8:46am
141814, Star Spangled Banner composed by Francis Scott Key
151979, National POW/MIA Recognition Day
171787, Constitution Day – Ratification of the U.S. Constitution
17-23Constitution Week
191796, Washington’s “Farewell Address” published
221862, Emancipation Proclamation issued by President Lincoln
281781, Battle of Yorktown begins
71780, Battle of Kings Mountain
9 (2023)1492, Columbus Day – Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas
101774, Battle of Point Pleasant
111890, NSDAR Founder’s Day – Anniversary of founding of NSDAR
191781, Surrender at Yorktown – Anniversary of British surrender
5 (2023)1619, The first Thanksgiving celebrated at Berkeley Plantation
7 (2023)Election Day
111954, Veteran’s Day – honors all military veterans
151775, Battle of Kemp’s Landing- Anniversary of the Battle
23 (2023)Thanksgiving Day
71941, Pearl Harbor – Anniversary of the “Date which will live in Infamy”
91775, Battle of Great Bridge – Anniversary of the Battle
141799, George Washington’s death – Anniversary of death
151791, Bill of Rights Day – Anniversary of First 10 Amendments to the Constitution ratified
181620, Anniversary of Mayflower landing at Plymouth Harbor
191777, Valley Forge established
25Christmas Day
15 (2024)Dr. Martin Luther King Day
171781, Battle at Cowpens
1973, Paris Peace Accords signed – ended the Vietnam War
41789, George Washington elected President – Anniversary of election
181815, End of the War of 1812
19 (2024)President’s Day
31931, Star-Spangled Banner became the national anthem
81965, First Combat Troops sent to South Vietnam
151781, Battle at Guilford Courthouse
292017, National Vietnam War Veterans Day
61917, U.S. entered World War I
91865, Lee surrendered to Grant ending the Civil War
121861, Civil War began with Fort Sumter attack
191775, Battles of Lexington and Concord – start of the Revolutionary War
22Earth Day
71945, Germany surrendered – ended World War II in Europe
121820, Florence Nightingale’s birth
18 (2024)1950, Armed Forces Day – Honors members currently serving in the military
27 (2024)1868, Memorial Day – Remembers all those who have died while serving in the military
61944, D-Day
141777, Flag Day – Adoption of the U.S. Flag
171775, Battle of Bunker Hill
181812, Declaration of War against Britain
191865, Juneteenth – end of slavery
281919, Treaty of Versailles – ended World War I
41776, Independence Day – Anniversary of Declaration of Independence
8-101776, Battle of Gwynn’s Island
181920, Ratification of 19th Amendment, Women’s Right to Vote
231814, Dolley Madison saves portrait of George Washington